Set-Theme.ps1, Set Theme in Sharepoint using PowerShell

I wrote a blog post about this a couple of months ago, so here’s an updated script version that let’s you change theme on your SharePoint sites. It’s pretty straight forward and it includes a help function that explains how to use the Script.

Let’s say you have a site http://wss/Teams/TeamWiki. You get a request from your collegues to change the theme to BELLTOWN, since they like it more than the Default SharePoint theme. as an admin, you can either start Internet Explorer, browse to the site in question and Change the Theme through Site Settings or you can fancy off with a PowerShell script that does the work for you.

It might seem a little overkill to start up PowerShell and change the theme on a site when it’s almost as easy as browsing to the site and changing the theme manually.. But, what if you have 10 different TeamWikis on various locations and you have to change all of them?

Here’s an example on running the script on a site. Below is a Screenshot of the site before the script is run.


Running the following command:

PS > Set-Theme.ps1 -Url http://wss -Web Teams/TeamWiki -Theme BELLTOWN

Changes the Theme to this:


If you want to display the helpfile, simply type:

PS > Set-Theme.ps1 -help

Click here to download the Script.

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One thought on “Set-Theme.ps1, Set Theme in Sharepoint using PowerShell

  1. do you have something like this from 2010 to 2013, the theme are not applied in 2013 after migration

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